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SoftFuse Password Generator Std 2.5.5

SoftFuse Password Generator Std Editor's Review

SoftFuse Password Generator is a handy utility which can help you when it comes to creating secure passwords and you feel uninspired.

You can use this program to generate quality passwords and when I say 'quality passwords' I mean passwords that can't be broken easily. In fact, one will have to try hard to crack a passwords created with SoftFuse Password Generator. This is because you can include in a passwords letters, numbers and special characters. You can also choose to use upper case, lower case or mixed case characters in case you need a case sensitive password.

Before generating a password, you can select the password's length, choose a suffix and a prefix and a mask. Now the thing is that passwords containing all kinds of characters are very difficult to remember, so you will probably need a password manager. In case you decide that you need a password manager, you can take a look at somepassword managers .

Pluses: You can also use it to create lists of user names and passwords.

Drawbacks / flaws: An indicator measuring the password strength would have been nice.

In conclusion: This is a useful program recommended for those who need to change passwords often or for those who are in need of many strong passwords.

version reviewed: 2.5.5

What's Required in Version 2.5.5 of SoftFuse Password Generator Std

4 Mb RAM, less than 1 Mb of free space on hard disk

What's New in Version 2.5.5 of SoftFuse Password Generator Std

- Username field added in xml function - Update function improved - Many improvements and minor bug-fixes

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